How to Prepare for Back to School Season Like a Pro

There’s something you should probably know about me. I love school. Even when I’m having a difficult time with classes, I can’t bring myself to abandon my love of education. A lot of people think I’m crazy, but love doesn’t always make sense.

That being said, I enjoy the break I get in the summer like any other gal. For a few months I don’t have to worry about my GPA or how I’m going to fit everything into my crazy schedule. All I’m responsible for is working and spending time with friends.

Since my schedule relaxes during the summer, I tend to let myself get a little… lazy when it comes to my normal routines. I barely look at my planner and my bedtime routine completely falls apart. From May-August, this is completely okay, but come September I know I need to kick my bum back into gear.

If this sounds like you, I have a few things you can do in August to make sure you’re ready to kick September’s bum.



ONE – start planning again

As I already said, I barely look at my planner during the summer months. Since I’m often carrying a smaller purse and not a backpack around, I’ll still write everything down, but my planner stays at home. This isn’t very helpful when I’m trying to make plans with friends but can’t quite remember my work schedule. So, come August my planner comes everywhere with me.

During the year, I section out a half hour once a week to organize my planner and go over everything I have to do in the coming days. Whatever you normally do with your planner during the school year, start doing it right now. Trust me, it getting back into a habit is harder than it seems.

TWO – double check your schedule

While you’re planning, double check your schedule. If you already know what classes you’re taking and when, start sectioning off that time in your planner. In pencil, start filling in whatever information you know about back-to-school. By planning ahead, when school hits things won’t come as so much of a surprise. Maybe you thought you had class until 8PM on Tuesday, but it turns out you end at 6PM. Going over a rough estimate of what September will look like for you can help you get your bearings.

THREE – reset your sleep habits

Part of summer is being able to go to bed whenever you want. Without anything pressuring you to get up in the morning, it’s super easy to convince yourself you can just sleep in and go to bed super late. Stop it! Once in awhile it’s okay to go to bed past midnight, but try to make those nights the exception, not the rule. Create a bedtime and a bedtime routine that lets your body know it’s time for bed so you can start getting used to an earlier night and an earlier morning before those 9AM classes hit.

FOUR – focus on self care

This is a big one for me personally. I know that when I get busy, self care is always the first thing I drop when it should be the thing I fight the most to keep in my schedule. Start planning things you can do for self care during the school year. Whether self care is planning an hour of reading for pleasure a week or reminding yourself to take walks, put that in your planner.

Even though I know I can’t save up self care, I like to think I can. Make a commitment to yourself. Fill August with as much self care as possible so when September rolls around, you have a little bank of self care to pull from. This has the added benefit of being a sneaky way to make sure self care becomes part of your routine before school hits. Remember to check in with yourself and recognize if you’re not okay.

FIVE – have a cleaning day

Whether you’re moving into a new dorm, going back to an old apartment, or staying at home, have a cleaning day. If you have to pack things away, this is the perfect time to declutter. You don’t want to lug things around if you’re not going to have space for them or don’t feel any particular attachment to them. Get rid of clothes, books, and doodads around your house. Anything that doesn’t bring you immediate joy or serve some crucial purpose can go. Cleaning up really can be life changing.

Starting the school year with a clean and organized house/room, is kind of like starting with a fresh slate. You don’t have to bring the mistakes or worries of the past year with you. Start new!

SIX – make some resolutions

Back-to-school is like a mini New Year’s Day. Everyone likes to make resolutions they can’t always keep then, so why not now? Make a list of the top ten things you’d like to accomplish this school year and then another list of how you could go about achieving them. Put this list somewhere you’ll remember it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a file on your computer, written in your journal, or taped to your wall, just make sure it’s somewhere you’ll see it.
I have three things that I really want to focus on this year which are keeping up my GPA, getting more involved in my sorority, and make this blog a priority. What are your resolutions? Did you like this post? Check out Courtney’s post over on

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