How To Write Gooder: Finishing the Essay

Okay, so you just finished writing your essay. Congrats! I’m so proud of all the hard work you put into writing that thing. It’s hard to pump out an essay, no matter how long it is or what the subject matter is. You can hand it in knowing at least I’m impressed with your work.

If you want your prof to be impressed by the work you do, you might not want to hand it in just yet. While some people can just finish an essay and hand it in, if I haven’t gone over it at least once I go crazy. I end up looking it over once it’s already been handed in and that’s not productive at all!

So here are some tips for finishing that essay up.


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Exploring Your City – Autumn Adventures

This weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving but because I go to school across the country, I couldn’t go home. So, I got to have my second Friendsgiving and I have to say, they’re quickly becoming my favourite way to spend the holiday.

Typically, Friendsgiving for me involves some kind of activity with your friends and then a meal. Last year, I cooked a lot of sweet potatoes and then our meal was various sweet potato dishes (not very different dishes mind you, mostly just sweet potatoes with like green onion or cranberry sauce). This year I got to do something a little more fun.

One of my close friends has a car this year and I’d heard of this thing called the Pumpkin Regatta. Basically, the Regatta is a race where people carve out giant pumpkins and after decorating them, they paddle across a lake. It’s really cool and I convinced her to take me.  

Something I really wanted to do this year was explore more of the province I’m currently living in. For the most part I just know my town, and I really only know the areas around campus. I figured if I’m living here for at least four years I should probably get to know the place.


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A Talk About Handling Stress

Basically, stress sucks. Learning to manage stress is one of the essential parts of being a productive human being. It’s challenging to get any work done if the stress of life is weighing down so hard on you that it’s difficult to breathe or focus on any one subject. When I feel particularly stressed, I recognize all the privilege I have, but I also recognize that it’s hard to be me.

It’s hard to be anyone.

Can I be honest with you? This week has been the week from hell for no particular reason. There is nothing different about this week, and yet, my brain seems to want to single this week out as special. Instead of accepting how the week’s going, it’s finding ways to increase my stress and I’m definitely using more self-deprecating language.

What I hope you can get out of this post is a recognition that you aren’t alone and some coping strategies for when stress is so overwhelming you just can’t.


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Volunteering for Orientation Week

The first week of September was crazy for me. Not only was it the first week of school, but it was O-Week. O-Week, or Orientation Week, is actually only three days and it marks the start of the new year for incoming students. This year, I got to participate  in O-Week as a leader and I would recommend it to anyone.

Participating in O-Week as a leader was definitively one of my favourite experiences this year so far (I know it’s only been a month). There’s something special about O-Week I think. It’s a crazy few days, packed with activities, and you make friends very quickly so you can have someone to share the excitement with. It was kind of cool to see friend groups forming and being able to watch first years settle into their new home.

I hope some of you will be inspired to volunteer for your school’s O-Week next year, so I’m going to give you a little break down of what each day looked like for me.


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Welcome To Actually, it’s Maggie

Hello darlings!

Welcome to Actually, it’s Maggie! I’ve been meaning to create a blog for ages now, but just never got around to it. This June I decided to create my blog as a side project during the rest of my university experience, partially because I think I have a lot of interesting things to share and partially because I just really wanted to give it a go.

Everything about the creation of AiM has been quick and I’m a little impressed I even have a blog page right now. I’ll be posting new material twice weekly (Monday and Thursday) starting Monday, July 18th. I can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve been working on these last few weeks.

As I write this, I’m still in the middle of trying to edit and figure out my blog. I’ve never had to work with wordpress before and know very limited coding, so this has been a bit of a crash course for me. Please bear with me while I try to figure it all our and follow me on social media! I’m most active on pinterest and twitter. Can’t wait to interact with you!



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