How To Write Gooder: Finishing the Essay

Okay, so you just finished writing your essay. Congrats! I’m so proud of all the hard work you put into writing that thing. It’s hard to pump out an essay, no matter how long it is or what the subject matter is. You can hand it in knowing at least I’m impressed with your work.

If you want your prof to be impressed by the work you do, you might not want to hand it in just yet. While some people can just finish an essay and hand it in, if I haven’t gone over it at least once I go crazy. I end up looking it over once it’s already been handed in and that’s not productive at all!

So here are some tips for finishing that essay up.


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ONE – read it out loud

I don’t know about you, but my brain likes to do this thing where it helps me out. When I’m reading my essay over in my head it makes so much sense. All of my sentences are easy to read and I haven’t forgotten to add a word anywhere. But when I read it out loud everything is awful. My brain helped me out because it knew what I meant, great right?

Except my prof won’t have my brain to help her out when she’s reading my essay. Reading it out loud is one way to catch those mistakes.

TWO – replace passive voice with active voice

I’m sure you’ve all heard this a million times (and I’m bad at it too) but please please please take out every passive voice you’ve included in your essay. A good way to make sure you’ve taken out the passive voice is to make sure that the actor performs the action, the actor isn’t being acted upon. 

The kids are given gifts by their mother” isn’t as good as “Their mother gives the kids gifts.” 

Without actors performing the actions, nobody actually does anything – things just kinda happen.

THREE – break it down 

Now that you’ve written your whole essay, you can see if you have any wiggle room. Typically, making sentences simpler and using less complex words is the way to go. If you find that you have a sentence that drags on for a few lines, consider cutting it down. What did I said about readers before? They like to keep things simple? That’s still true.

FOUR – have a friend read over your work

Regardless of whether or not this friend is in your class, have them read over your paper. Getting someone who isn’t you to read your paper makes sure that what you’ve written makes sense to more than just you. Your ever-so-helpful brain will fill in so many blanks for you – but not normally for someone else. Maybe you think your point in paragraph two is the bomb, but they don’t even know what you’re arguing. Sucks doesn’t it? But isn’t it better to find out before you hand in the paper? 

FOUR – use

Did you finish your work on time and want someone to look over it who can help more than your friend? This is the place to look! is basically an online tool that lets you get your essay checked by an expert. This is kind of like a getting a friend to edit your essay, if your friend is a professional writer with a master’s degree.

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-8-52-43-amThe folks over at let me use their Grade My Paper program to get an idea of how they can help students with essay writing. The biggest feature of what they do seems to be your ability to chat with the expert grading your paper which I think is awesome!


Sometimes when I’m using editing software, I feel like it’s so impersonal. With these folks you get to talk to whomever edited your paper! They do a lot more editing for form than they do for content (which makes sense! Can you imagine editing the content of so many people’s essays in a timely manner?? Impossible!), but they do a good job of catching all the little mistakes I make that can affect my grade. 

this is one of their examples of what chatting can look like
this is one of their examples of what chatting can look like

I really enjoyed using their service and I feel like it’s a great idea for students to be able to chat with whoever is editing their paper. If you have specific instruction or things you want to be looked for particularly in your paper, you can tell them and get specifically those things looked for. Although I don’t recommend using their site the night before (it usually takes about 24 hours for them to edit anything and costs more the sooner you need it done), if you finish a few days before your deadline these guys are sure to help!

If you want to know more about them, check out their website!


What are your tips for finishing up and editing the best essay yet?

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