My Experience Getting My First Tattoo

I have not always been on Team Tattoo. Until about a year ago I would constantly wonder why someone would want a tattoo at all. I had so many questions for people who did get tattoos, and most of them weren’t very considerate. 

My favourite questions among them were “what does it mean?” or “but how will that look when you’re older?”

As the title might have suggested, I’ve changed my tune. This summer I decided to get a matching tattoo with one of my best friends and I can’t express how much I love it.


The choice to get a tattoo was an impulse decision. Since the end of May I’ve wanted to get one, but I wasn’t able to decide on what that one thing would be. I’m the kind of person who can’t put stickers on things because I’m nervous about if I’ll still like the stickers in the days or weeks to come.

Following tattoo artists on Instagram helped me make the decision. Every time I opened my newsfeed and saw some new artwork, my itch would grow stronger. While I have a long list of my favourites, these are my top four: 

While my friend and I were scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest for tattoo ideas, she casually mentioned that she would get a matching tattoo with me. I told her I would do the same so we switched to looking at friendship tattoos or matching tattoos.

We spent a whole day just scrolling through different websites trying to find a tattoo we liked best until we found the perfect thing. Just a short little quote written in morse code. How cool would that look if it highlighted a line on your body? So, we thought along the forearm was probably best.

All it took was a quick search on Pinterest for short quotes and the third one we looked at said “no rain no flowers”. A quick translation to morse code and voilà! We had a tattoo idea.  I don’t know if I recommend this method, but it turned out pretty well for me so I guess go for it?

Over the course of the evening we tweaked our idea slightly, adding a small flower and then changing it to script. The next morning we booked a consultation and appointment.

The only artist that got had time to squeeze us in as soon as possible was Kris. Initially we were a little hesitant, but when we met him he was the sweetest person in the world. He spent the whole consultation joking with us and calming our nerves. When the actual appointment came around, he made us feel so comfortable in the studio even though we were both extremely nervous.


It took about half an hour to forty-five minutes to plan the tattoo, and then only about fifteen to get the quote finished. I spent the whole forty-five minutes working myself up and making this out to be something far worse than it ended up being.

While it differs for everyone, for me getting a tattoo hurt but no more than hitting your funny bone repeatedly would. Getting the tattoo felt a bit like a scratch at first and hurt less near the wrist, but as Kris got closer to my elbow the pain got a little more.

I say it differs for everyone because I sat very still the whole time, just holding on to squeezing my friend’s hand. My friend on the other hand was visibly in pain the whole time. Not everyone experiences getting a tattoo at the same time.


This was the first day I actually got to see my tattoo. After taking off the wrapping and having a shower, I looked in the mirror for the first time. It felt like at any moment the tattoo was going to disappear. All of it didn’t feel real.


The tattoo itself felt very bumpy, like it’s just been placed on my skin and not permanently a part of it. I’ve had to put on moisturizer once a day to help with the healing process and I’m not allowed to exercise for another two days (such a bummer, right?). The excitement hasn’t worn off though. I’m still thrilled with my tattoo.

It’s starting to scab off a little bit and the edges are turning white. It’s getting a little itchy but not super itchy and not enough to actually want to scratch it.


The scab is just kind of disappearing. I haven’t been picking at it (like I was told to) so maybe that’s why it’s just kind of disappeared? It’s starting to feel smooth to the touch and less bumpy, the white edges are going away so it’s actually starting to feel real.

DAY TWENTY-THREE:14045331_1399508130065031_1991620890_o-1

Every time I look at my tattoo the initial excitement is there. I love the placement because it’s somewhere I can forget that I have a tattoo every so often and then just suddenly remember again. It still feels a little bit bumpy to touch it, but it’s way more smooth than it was at the beginning. Whenever someone asks me about it I also get super excited to talk about my tattoo.


What’s your experience with tattoos? Have you ever thought about getting one?

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