Hi my name’s– well my full name is Margaret, but I go by… No, it’s not Megan. Also not Margo.


For some reason, people hardly hear my name and think “ah yes, she said her name was Maggie”. Two fairly easy syllables and I get Megan far more often than I could have ever thought.

I’ve been told it’s because I pronounce my name wrong. Whatever that means.

I’m a philosophy and history student, with a splash of international development and law on the side (because I want to know everything about everything, picking a degree is really hard). You’ll find me with a book in my bag and tea in my hand if I’ve left the house, or you’ll find me curled up in my favourite pair of leggings in front of the TV if you’re coming over.

Like most girls, I’m contractually obligated to tell you that my favourite season is fall. If you want to find me at my happiest, see me starting September 1st and wave goodbye December 31st. During those four months, I really do believe in magic.


I’ve always wanted to start one. Ever since I can remember I’ve been writing something. Whether that be fanfiction, short stories, or roleplaying on Tumblr, I’ve always published something online. But my senior year of high school, I lost the inspiration to write fiction and felt stuck.

Then I took a journalism course in my first year of university.

While I don’t think I could ever be a journalist (props to them, but that job is hard), I do think I have the ability to write insightful and meaningful non-fiction.

Inspired by my journalism professor, who said I had so many good ideas – if only I was writing for a magazine, not trying to write news articles – I decided to take my many talents to the web and hopefully help college-aged girls kick some serious ass in their daily life (not that you aren’t already killing it).

So stick around and explore my blog! I write posts on how to survive university/college, how to survive life, and sometimes a post on my every day life.

Feel free to shoot me an email, or give me a holler over on Twitter – I’d love to hear from you!