How To Write Gooder: Finishing the Essay

Okay, so you just finished writing your essay. Congrats! I’m so proud of all the hard work you put into writing that thing. It’s hard to pump out an essay, no matter how long it is or what the subject matter is. You can hand it in knowing at least I’m impressed with your work.

If you want your prof to be impressed by the work you do, you might not want to hand it in just yet. While some people can just finish an essay and hand it in, if I haven’t gone over it at least once I go crazy. I end up looking it over once it’s already been handed in and that’s not productive at all!

So here are some tips for finishing that essay up.


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How To Write Gooder: Writing the Essay

Would you look at that, I’m back at it again with some tips to help you write an amazing essay. I’m not going to lie – this entire “how to write gooder” series (name stolen from one of my fave profs) is entirely self-serving. I haven’t had to write an essay yet this year and I’m trying to re-teach myself how to write one now that I have a few assigned.

They’re good tips if I do say so myself. I’ve included some quotes from essays I’ve written just to demonstrate the point I’m trying to get across. You don’t have to know what’s going on in them.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful, although I will say I’ve never had a chance to apply to them something that isn’t a critical analytic essay so I can’t promise anything (you didn’t pay for this so I can’t give you a money back guarantee).


how to write gooder: writing an academic essay

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How To Write Gooder: Planning a Killer Essay

I’m going to take a wild guess and say you’ve had to write an essay at least once in your academic career. Maybe I’ll even go crazy and suggest that you’ve probably struggled to write an essay before. Trust me, we’ve all been there. My first year I had to hand in an essay every two weeks. After that I’d consider myself a bit of an expert on essay panic.

Writing’s one of those frustrating things where the only way to get good at it is practice. You have to keep writing and you’ll probably never get perfect. Especially when different profs like different writing styles. Unfortunately for us, that means having to constantly work at it.

For me, setting myself up for success before I even start writing is so important. It’s the reason I’m not crying (too much) when I realize I’ve put off essay writing until the night before. How do you expect to write an A essay if you haven’t prepared for it? You can’t (and if you can, please teach me your ways).

how to write gooder: planning a killer essay

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