Welcome To Actually, it’s Maggie

Hello darlings!

Welcome to Actually, it’s Maggie! I’ve been meaning to create a blog for ages now, but just never got around to it. This June I decided to create my blog as a side project during the rest of my university experience, partially because I think I have a lot of interesting things to share and partially because I just really wanted to give it a go.

Everything about the creation of AiM has been quick and I’m a little impressed I even have a blog page right now. I’ll be posting new material twice weekly (Monday and Thursday) starting Monday, July 18th. I can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve been working on these last few weeks.

As I write this, I’m still in the middle of trying to edit and figure out my blog. I’ve never had to work with wordpress before and know very limited coding, so this has been a bit of a crash course for me. Please bear with me while I try to figure it all our and follow me on social media! I’m most active on pinterest and twitter. Can’t wait to interact with you!



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    1. Thanks, Isabelle! I truly appreciate the warm welcome you’ve given me on twitter & my blog 🙂 I’ll totally check yours out soon!

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